17th ECM – Program of the Conference and the announcementof the Scientific Writing Course

Dear participants,

I’m glad to announce that the programme of the 17th ECM has been added on the web site of the meeting.

Furthermore, I would like to remind you that Standard Registration Fee has expired. Please, check the new rates of the conference fees on our web site. For payment on site, we may accept only Croatian Currency (HRK), so please have in mind to exchange your currency to HRK prior to registration at the conference desk.

I’m also very pleased also to announce that the programme will include an Erasmus workshop on Scientific Writing for the 17th ECM participants. The course has been organised by the University of Zagreb and the 17th ECM organisation team in collaboration with Dr. Stephen Venn from the University of Helsinki, the instructor of this workshop, and prof. Dr. Gabor Lövei, from Aarhus University, the guest speaker. Full details of the workshop programme will be uploaded in a few days, when it will be possible to register for the workshop. There will be approximately 30 places in the workshop, and all those interested will be welcome to participate. In case of higher interest (more than 30 participants), students and authors of potential manuscripts for the conference proceedings will be given priority. The course can be used to improve manuscripts for the conference proceedings or for simply developing writing skills. I believe this course will help the participants to prepare their manuscripts for the 17th ECM proceedings. The course is free of charge.

Best student oral presentation and best student poster presentations will be awarded for overall impact, originality, and quality of work. The 17th ECM committee that consists of organising committee chairs of the previous, current and upcoming ECMs will select the best presentations during the 5 days of the conference. Student with the best oral presentation will be exempt from the registration fee of the 18th ECM.

See you soon,