Accommodation reminder

Dear Colleagues!

Let us remind you on the very close approaching of the deadline for booking the rooms in the Hotel Zora, which is July 10th.

To be able to book the room at the discount prices you should use promotional Access key ECM2015 you have also obtained upon registration process.
For booking please visit Hotel Zora website.

There will be possible to book the room after July 10th at the reduced prices, but it is not guaranteed. It will be dependent on the intensity of booking requests that Hotel will receive from other customers. Given the fact that Hotel Zora is actually on the beach of wonderful Adriatic Sea, invasion on rooms by non-carabidologists won’t be a huge surprise. Therefore, don’t let it happen.

After booking you room, you have nice five relaxed days, till July 15th to send us your abstract if you haven’t done it yet. We are really looking forward into it.

With kindest regards

17th ECM team