The 17th ECM final programme and workshop registration

Dear participants,

Please find the 17th ECM latest news:

  • The final programme of the 17th ECM with list of poster presentations have been added to the web site of the meeting. Instructions how to prepare the presentations can be checked here. Please ensure that your poster is displayed on the board with the same number as indicated in the programme (note that numbers may have changed since the draft programme appeared online).
  • I’m glad to announce that the registration for the Workshop on Scientific Communication and Publishing is now open and full details of the workshop programme have been added to the web site.
  • For those who plan to travel by car, the traffic flow, road conditions and border crossing can be checked at HAC – Croatian Traffic Info. “How to reach Primošten” and other information that may be useful for your trip to Croatia have been added in 3rd circular and can be printed. Regarding the current refugee crisis, there haven’t been any problems or delays at the Croatian border crossings.
  • Watch us on Croatian National TV – HRT (in Croatian) in “Društvena mreža” show from 00:35:20, broadcasted on September 10th, 2015. We promoted the 17th ECM and CES. Many thanks to Prof. Dr. John Spence for his statement for HRT TV.

You can expect pleasant temperatures in Primošten (from 18°C / 64°F to 26 °C / 79 °F on Sunday 20th of September, with hope to be continued). Sea temperature was 24°C this morning (nice for swimming in the sea).

Download 3rd circular.

I wish you a pleasant trip and look forward to seeing you soon!